The Secret Didn’t Create The Law of Attraction.  It Only Provided The Spark.

This site is for people who believe in the Law of Attraction but haven’t been able to make it work in their own lives…yet

  • The Law of Attraction is always working – for us OR against us.
  • Our thoughts are powerful and can create our biggest challenges or our biggest triumphs.
  • If you’ve read Rhonda Byrne’s Secret or watched the movie but didn’t get any results, you’ll find the answers here.
  • We want to here from you.  We hope you will contribute your thoughts, your hopes and your success stories too.

This site is about combining the power of Hypnosis with the Law of Attraction.
It’s a place of learning and growth.

This site shares the original version of the Law of Attraction as handed done over the centuries.  We’ll be sharing with you powerful information that can change your life – as long as you implement it.

Whatever you want to attract, it’s already yours – especially with the power of The Hypnotic Secret.

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    1. Lena Edvardsson says:

      Hi I would live inspirational messages and new posts

    2. ruby says:

      Please advise me about how I might purchase The River Of Life. Thank you.


    3. Ricardo says:

      If I purchase the digital down loads, are these files that will be loaded onto my hard drive and therefore I can listen to them over and over like a CD, or is it a one time only session for the fee paid?


    4. Harlan Kilstein says:

      You own the files.

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