April 27, 2010 in Products

If Your Vision Board Isn’t Working…

Visualization Is Not The Missing Ingredient To Make The Law of Attraction Work

John Assaraf Says Use a Vision Board, I say… Do THIS Instead
Have you followed John’s advice and created a Vision Board?

Did you get everything you wanted from the Universe?

If yes, that’s terrific. But if not, pay attention. I’m about to
show you something you really need to know.

Visualization Does NOT WORK unless you add this missing piece. And it is well known, many people have great difficulty trying to visualize. Do THIS instead.Enter Your Email Address For A Free Video AND I’ll give you my Instant Stress Buster Recording For Free As a Bonus Gift.You will also receive daily inspirational emails, success stories, and answers to readers questions. You can opt-out at any time with a single click.


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Does Visualization work? Not for millions of people who tried it.

John Assaraf has told his story about how his vision board got him a big multi-million dollar house.

But if it worked for John Assaraf isn’t the point: DID IT WORK FOR YOU?

I’m about to reveal THE REAL REASON visualization alone isn’t the answer.

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