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    1. Kirsten Fletcher says:

      Dear OTC,

      I have tried contacting you in the past, but with no response. I thought I would try again to contact you in the hope of some resolution.

      I purchased a copy of the Hypnotic Secret CD pack two years ago. I live in The UK. It never arrived. I would just like some acknowledgment that my order was received, as the payment was taken from my account. The case may be that it was sent and it went missing in the post. This is quite likely, however it still does not seem fair to me that I have purchased your product, but have nothing to show for it. I am also disappointed in the lack of response I have had.

      My order receipt was:

      Order Receipt:

      Order ID: 155302343
      Date: Thu Jan 28 16:06:58 -0500 2010
      Payment Type:
      Order Status: Accepted

      (HypnoticSecrets) Hypnotic Secrets $59.00 X 1 = $59.00
      Product Total $59.00
      Grand Total $59.00

      Name: Kirsten Fletcher
      Email: kit-katsugi@hotmail.com

      Address at time of purchase:
      (Address 1: 56 Cranbourne Gardens
      City: London
      Zip/Postalcode: NW11 0JD
      Country: United Kingdom)

      As it has been 2 years i have moved from the address
      My current address is:

      133 Hassett Rd,
      E9 5SL

      I would greatly appreciate a reply,

      Yours sincerely,
      Kirsten Fletcher

    2. Harlan Kilstein says:

      1. The product was not available two years ago.

      2. You purchased a DOWNLOAD. It was accessible immediately. After purchase every purchaser is immediately
      taken to a download page.

      3. Even if you didn’t get to the download page, each purchaser is sent the download page ANYWAY.

    3. Linda Bloomquist says:

      I had the Law of Attraction on my computer and it went out and I lost everything had to get another computer is there anyway possible that Ican get it again?the problem is I am on social security and cannot afford the 59.00 is there anyway I can pay you on a payment plan to be able to get this again cause I listen to it every night please let me know something if thats ok thank you

    4. Geoff says:

      Hi Harlan

      I appreciate what you do to help people be successful.

      My question is simple…

      I purchased the Hypnotic Secrets program a good while back.

      Is your ‘new’ product advertised here exactly the same product,
      or is it different in some way, please?

      If it is different, please let me know in what way as I might well
      order it. Of course, if not, I will continue with the HS edition I
      already have.

      Sincere thanks and best wishes


    5. Douglas Lee says:

      Hi Harlan,

      Just purchased the hypnotic secret and i was not sure if I entered my email address correctly because I have not received a confirmation message yet. I am eager to try your program.

      Thank you

    6. Marie says:

      You show CD’s in your explanation of the product, but only offer downloads. Can one put the download on a CD?? I am not a computer literate person and like things simple. Thank you.

    7. Christine says:

      Hi Harlan,

      Do you have an affiliate link for this product? Just purchased it and loved it. I’d like to share it with my email list.


    8. Don says:


      I see alot of questions posted asking if this product is available on CD. But I do not see any answer. Are the CD’s available?

      Thank you,

    9. Harlan Kilstein says:

      CDs are available. Please contact support@otc-publishing.com to purchase.

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