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What is The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction, as taught over the years, recently became popular with the release of the book and the movie “The Secret”. Very simply put, the Law of Attraction teaches that you can have what ever you want by focusing your mind and energy on it.

The difficulty is that most people do not control their minds and end up bring about the opposite of what they want.

As proof of how difficult it is to master, the vast majority of people do not see the effects of the Law of Attraction because they have great difficulty focusing their mind.

There is great discussion (and passionate argument) about whether the Law of Attraction is based in science or not.  Some claim the Law of Attraction is a religious belief with no scientific basis to it.  Others claim it is grounded in Quantum Physics.

We will be discussion both points of view on this site.

What is The Hypnotic Secret?

Since most people have a difficult time adjusting their mind properly to benefit from the Law of Attraction, we combine hypnosis with the Law of Attraction. The results are remarkable. 

Because all behaviors form on the subconscious level, using hypnosis is the easiest and fastest way to change on the subconscious level.

Hypnosis is perfectly safe.  A person can never get “stuck” in hypnosis.  In hypnosis, you are always in full control, awake and alert.  No one controls you in hypnosis.

By combining hypnosis with the Law of Attraction, we can make our deepest desires come alive and activate all our wishes.


How can I participate in this site?

We hope you will bookmark this site and return here often.  Share your comments on our posts, and articles.  Together we learn and grow.

Can I contribute an article to this site?

Absolutely.  You are welcome to send an article to support @ with your contribution.  You are free to include a link to a relevant website. Any articles you contribute may be posted on this site and you may be invited to be a regular contributor.  All articles must be positive and respectful of others and links and posts must be to sites that are appropriate.  Any site that is anyway hurtful or harmful to any living being is not acceptable.

Do I have to purchase something to participate here?

Absolutely not.

Who owns and administers this site?

This site is owned and run by Harlan Kilstein’s OTC Publishing.  Harlan is an ordained Rabbi with a doctoral degree in Education.  He is an expert in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and a world recognized hypnotist and trainer.  By using hypnosis and the Law of Attraction, he has created a successful online following.

A life-long educator, Harlan has the ability to explain the most challenging concepts in easily understood stories.

A former “type-A” personality, Harlan recently discovered yoga and now spends time each day in yoga and meditation.  When not tied up like a pretzel, Harlan spends his time reading books on spirituality, personal growth, and studying sacred scriptures.

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