If you want to see real success with the Law of Attraction, you’ve got to build your attraction muscles first.

But just like real exercise, it can be hard to get motivated—and even harder to stick with it until you see results.

If this is the case, then I’m going to share some quick and easy ways to get yourself motivated.

It all starts with the words you use, and how you talk to yourself.

Just like negative self-talk can discourage you from trying new things, or tempt you to procrastinate…

Using the “right” words can crank up your motivation so that you have no choice but to act!

If you want to tell yourself you have to do something, use words like:

Have to, need to, must, mandatory, and required.

Saying, “I must work on this project now,” is a lot more motivational than saying, “Gee, I really should work on this project.

Using these words leaves you no other option but to work on the project (or whatever else you are trying to do.)

But sometimes, when we’re feeling uninspired and unmotivated, we need words that open up new possibilities.

In that case, words like: can, could, might, possibly, and maybe—give you more choices and more freedom.

“I have so many options I can choose from” makes you feel like the world is your oyster.

And on the opposite side, there are the words that say “I can’t.”

They are: cannot, can’t, will not, won’t, must not, or never.

They close off our options.

Now stick with me here. I want you to try this exercise that is sure to build your attraction muscles and motivate you for success.

Repeat each of the following sentences, and as you say them, in a loud clear voice, notice how you feel as you say them.

Notice how your feelings change as the words change.

Ready? Let’s get started.

First: “I can’t attract things with the Law of Attraction.”

Now: “I could attract things with the Law of Attraction.” Does that feel different? It should.

Next: “I can attract things with the Law of Attraction.” Now you should feel a lot more positive. Instead of being impossible, or even a small possibility, it is completely possible—if you choose.

Try this one: “I should attract things with the Law of Attraction.” Not only is it possible, but it’s something you should be doing!

After that, say: “I have to attract things with the Law of Attraction.” You no longer have a choice—it’s something you’ve just gotta do.

Ready? Now: “I need to attract things with the Law of Attraction.” Not only do you have to do it, if you don’t do it, you will be missing out on something important.

And here’s the clincher: “I will attract things with the Law of Attraction.” This is a complete and total commitment to success. Say it like you mean it.

Congratulations! Just by changing a few simple words, you have gone from being sure you couldn’t do something, to being 100% positive that it will happen.

You can use this technique with anything you need to accomplish, from the laundry to that thesis to finding a new job.

Try it today!

Get Motivated!


    1. Renegade Marketer Pro says:

      Hi Harlan,
      thank you for the awesome suggestions. I know I need to use better words for affirmations and self talk, but sometimes I can’t think of what they should be. This gives me great ideas of things I can use right now!

      I really like your hypnosis program and notice moving forward in my business becomes easier the more I listen.

      Thank you!

      Kari Baxter

    2. mski2010 says:

      If I order your digital download, how does it work? Can I put on mp3 player? What if I have trouble with it on my computer? Can I get cd’s instead? Thanks.

    3. Harlan Kilstein says:

      You may download the audios and transfer them to an MP3 player.

    4. Hi Kilstan: I wish you were local. Your information is so powerful and interesting.
      It is beneficial in many ways in every day life. I am going to lose 35lbs. I will do it with more motivation with your download. I haven’t been sucessful in downloading it though. I can’t seem to cut or paste and I just bought this computor. I want to be back in some kind of business some day. I work full time but felt so much more alive when Iworked for my self . I want to be financially free instead of living pay check to pay check. I also seem to stay involved with men that I should say good bye to. I have been thru quite a bit in the last 4yrs. and have dealt with depression four most of my life. I know what to do but motivation is not thier. I listen to your audio online but it is intermittant and keeps stopping in the middle and then start up again. What is that? I am very impressed with your knowledge and your positive way in sharing it. I work with people with behavorial issues that also have disabilitiies such as traumatic brain injury. Thank you so much for your dedication in helping others. Pat

    5. Clifford S says:

      But now, Dr. Harlan, I hesitate to listen to your hypnosis tapes:
      I had been recently taught if you want to succeed/and you go about saying “I WILL” do such and such, then what you get is MORE future “will”.
      Also, since your subconscious responds only to present tense, I thought you were supposed to say:
      “I AM getting my report done for tomorrow ! I DO IT NOW !”
      Your comment sir ?

    6. Rondell says:

      my feelings are sort of a late receiver …. im mean as i say this phrases the feelings come but not as fast as i expected .. but then again im sure it was effective, you know why ? its because after reading all of the phrases i begin to laugh and im sure my subconscious part was surprised to the feelings i’ve felt after doing so .. well thanks a lo ..

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Get Motivated!

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