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Readers of Esther Hick’s Books or “The Secret” - – -

Prepare to Go To A New Level

If you are a fan of Esther and Jerry Hicks or Read Any of Their Books on the Teachings of Abraham And The Law of Attraction Still Is Not Working For You, Relax. In my free video you are going to discover exactly what to do.

Most people smile when they discover the missing secret. All of a sudden, it make sense.

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If you consider millions upon millions of people saw “The Secret” as a movie or as a DVD, you have to ask yourself, why doesn’t “The Secret” work?

Even if you follow everything Esther and Jerry Hicks teach in their books, many people just aren’t able to manifest their dreams. Look, the Hick’s have been teaching the Law of Attraction for years. They have published dozens of works, CD, and DVD programs. In fact, you may not know this but Esther Hicks was originally supposed to be the “star” of the Secret. In the end, Rhonda Bryne cut Esther out of the movie and you never got to see those scenes.

This is a tragedy because Esther and Jerry Hicks have so much to offer. Their Abraham and Sara series, their Law of Attraction books teaching people how to Attract, Wealth, Health, and Happiness are excellent. Their newest work, The Vortex applies the Law of Attraction to Cooperative Relationships.

But the question remains. For all of the talents of skilled teachers like Esther and Jerry Hicks, why are so few people able to turn “The Law of Attraction” into a success formula others can follow?

The reason is simple. Esther Hicks and the authors of “The Secret” left off the most critical step. And I’m going to share that with you in “The Hypnotic Secret.” On the very next page, you’ll discover what was left out – and why.

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