No, it’s not your evil boss.

Not a serial killer.

Not the terrorists.

 Not Obama or Sarah Palin.

It’s yourself.


How do you defend yourself when you yourself are the aggressor?


During an average day most people seem to attack themselves at least once an hour.

“Stupid! Why didn’t I buy that wireless router when it was on sale? Now I have to pay full price!”

“Idiot, you forgot about the casserole and now it’s burned!”

“I can’t believe I just said that. I sound like a dork.”

Raise your hand if these sound familiar. Yeah, you.

We are all harsh critics. And we are always harder on ourselves than other people are.

And the worst part is, if you keep attacking yourself long enough, pretty soon your worst criticisms will come true.

If you think “I’m never gonna find someone,” then you’ll be sitting at home on those Saturday nights.

If you tell yourself, “I can’t do anything right,” then guess what? Things aren’t going so well for you anymore.

That’s the essence of the Law of Attraction. And the Law of Attraction can only work when those negative voices stop having an influence on you.

So how do you defend yourself against these attacks?

Well, one option is to tell that negative little voice to shut up or go to hell…or whatever it is that makes it go away.

You can give the voice a name, if you want. Call it Marvin or Gladys and tell it to be quiet and mind its own business…like that nosy neighbor who’s always snooping around and criticizing.

Notice what the voice sounds like…does it sound like your dad? Your 4th grade teacher with the nasal voice?

Once you get to know your negative voice, it’s easier to tell it to go away.

Remember to be tough…you’re not going to stand for any negative thinking anymore.

Or, you can ride it out. Just smile and wait patiently until that negative voice gets bored and goes away. Know yourself, and that most of what your attacker says about you is not true. Let it roll off your back.

Distract yourself. Find something that takes your mind of the “shoulda woulda couldas” and the “you’re so stupids” until the voice goes away.

Stand tall. Prove to that negative voice that they are wrong. Try something new and imagine yourself succeeding.

Turn the volume down. Press the mute button. Imagine yourself hitting the mute button every time the voice pipes up. What was that? I can’t hear you!! There, now it’s gone.

Do a mini-meditation. Sit comfortably somewhere quiet. Sit straight, rest your hands on your knees.

Inhale slowly through your nose, filling your stomach and lungs with nourishing oxygen. Imagine that you are breathing in positive energy and circulating it throughout your body.

Exhale slowly through your mouth, pushing all the air out until you feel your body needing to take a new breath. Imagine that you are pushing out all the negative, damaging energy and releasing it. It can’t hurt you anymore.

Do this for about three minutes, and notice how much more refreshed you feel.

This exercise puts you in a meditative state, where it becomes easier to change.

And of course, the best solution is to get rid of the negative voices altogether by using the Hypnotic Secret.

Use whatever technique works best for you. The key is to defend yourself from the self-sabotage that is preventing you from staying positive and achieving what you want.

Let’s face it—nobody wants to go around feeling crappy about themselves all the time. But that voice is determined to keep you feeling bad…so don’t let it!

You’re the one in the driver’s seat here…and you have the power to choose who and what you are going to listen to.

So don’t let the negative voices win. Stay strong, and stay positive. I know you can do it.

Stopping Your Secret Attacker


    1. ariana says:

      I need help. My inner voice is so negative and hard to control lately. It is getting really scary like a cd of negative playing one worry after another after another negative thought.

    2. Jean Ann Alexandre, France says:


      I am sorry you are in a state of suffering. Negative cerebral hassle can be hard to live with. Why don’t you wipe it out ? Technique ? The tape recorder. Vision a tape. Stop it. Press on the erase button. Breathe. Listen to soft music and be grateful for the peace. Repeat this technique which is mind apeasing as many times as you can. When you complete the exercise, meditate and get up, take a shower, move out of your home to either window shop, take a walk in a parc or go to see a friend. I often go to the a place of worship, sit, let my heart seap in the blissful energy in the area, thanking the Universe for the chance to be included in its sacred spaces. This enables me to connect easier to my own sacred space within me in times of worry. I live alone, raising my two girls who have a stubborn, depressive father. This father now lives 7 kms away from us in another town. He is not ready yet to have his own place, and take his girls over. But this alright. He is alive. I am presently trying to resolve the little worry of reimbursing 21 KE Euros of debt. And I am confident that I will get through. We let ourselves go up and down constantly. This is not necessary. There is so much to do, so much to give. When we become friends with ourselves, everything becomes roses once more. So hug your best friend, yourself. She needs your love to get through. And to move on. I hope you find peace as well, even if it is still one day up and the other down. But work on it and you’ll get there. Take care, Jean

    3. Antonio says:


      I need to change the way that I think. Years of negativity and years of reinforcement of that negativity has left me somewhat numb.

    4. Beth says:

      @ariana and antonio:

      When that voice starts in your head remember that it really doesn’t matter what happened in the past. The best thing about the past is that its over!!!
      Remember that you are in control of your own thoughts. Not the other way around. I agree with Jeanne Alexanders’ suggestions. Imagine a volume and tuning knob, turn the volume down to nothing, change the channel to something positive, change the pictures in your head from big and bright to small as a postage stamp over in the left hand corner, make it fuzzy and indistinct and make a positive picture big and bright and clear instead. Switch them back and forth about 4 -5 times and go “swisssshhhhh” when you do that. Then make the negative picture so small it disappears.
      You don’t have to listen to intrusive thoughts or racing thoughts. Its a choice and you really do have control. You just have to know what to do instead and do it.
      When that voice in your head starts saying negative things about you STOP it cold and ask yourself out loud “Is that true about me?” 9 times out of 10 it won’t be true so you can say, again, out loud “That’s not true about me! What is true about me is ___________ (whatever is positive and true.)
      The trick here is that you have to be CONSISTENT!!! you have to stop it every single time and use the same method every time for a few times. After about 5-6 times it won’t even bother coming back to haunt you, you will have reprogrammed your subconscious and your nervous system. I highly recommend you not only learn to do self hypnosis but also NLP. You can beat this…anyone can, just takes consistent practice. Don’t ever give up.

    5. Bartlett Hargis says:

      I guess I am confused with all the offers and perhaps this is more cost to me than I can afford . I do so need to make more money. I have only my meager retirement to live on at present. I am concerned about the present economy and where we are headed. I am a
      WW2 Navy veteran in very good health. and plan to continue a very extended life.. I guess
      I would appreciate a little more help from you to understand program and perhaps get me

      Thank you


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Stopping Your Secret Attacker

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