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December 3, 2010 in Success Stories

My name is Doreen Handling and I’m writing to tell you my success using The Hypnotic Secret program. Trying to survive without anything in your wallet is difficult. I have learned this when I lost my job three years ago. I was a 30-year old real estate agent in New York and a mother of two kids. I just came out of a nasty divorce and lost my job. I felt so mad with what was happening to my life. I thought that when I finally get away from the marital problems that I was having for five years, I will be able to start over and build a better future for my children. I was wrong. Things got more out of hand when I had to go back to Georgia to help my parents out. Like me, they also lost their jobs. As the only child, I had to take responsibility for my family’s welfare. I hoped that everything will be fine once my kids and I move in with my parents. I was wrong with this assumption yet again.

I had my kids settled in their new school, and I was happy that they were doing well adjusting to a new environment. I had high hopes that even during these troubled times, I will still be able to land a job in real-estate. As it turned out, this was not the case.

I submitted my resume and credentials to top real-estate companies in Georgia. I was confident that my accomplishments as a top-notch real estate agent in the big city would convince them that I can reel in big money despite the economic turmoil. But not even one company responded to me. I was getting depressed as the months passed by and no job opportunity was knocking on my door. My savings account was fast dwindling. It was hard on my pocket supporting my kids and my parents at the same time. I kept my pride and did not want to take the jobs with meager pay. Why would I? I was earning top dollar when I was in New York. I can never live with just a couple hundred in my pocket. I was still hoping things will get better for me. The financial difficulty came to a point that we had to borrow money from relatives. I was so embarrassed that I had to take action.

It took me a year to realize that I was wrong in my approach in life. I was in debt and my parents had to be dragged into debt too because of me. I moved in with them so that I can help them, but I eventually became a burden. I was so consumed with pride that I forgot that I had a family to take care of. I had to provide for my children, and I had to grow despite the bad economy. It was not until recently that I found comfort. I purchased your hypnotic secret audio for hopes that I can change my life around. I was skeptical at first because it’s about the Law of Attraction. Believe me when I say I have read The Secret a million times, and I still was not able to move on with my dreams.

Your audio helped me move on with my life. I was not seeking for big money. I just wanted to get on with my life without any financial debt. I just want to provide my kids and my parents three meals a day. But it did more than that. You made me realize that in order for me to grow, I had to let go of all the things that haunted me in the past. The most important lesson which I have learned is to take action. Nothing is more important than knowing that money will not come to you. You have to know how to get them through conscious and positive efforts.

I was so motivated with your hypnotic secret audio, that I instantly developed motivation. I passed resumes to retail outlets, fast foods outlets and small firms. And I took the first offer that came to me. I started from becoming a cashier for a retail outlet. The salary was not that big, but I learned to appreciate what I have. I worked hard; showed my superiors that I am trustworthy and was happy with what I was doing. I constantly showed gratitude to my company by giving the best customer service to customers and clients. Soon enough, my company asked me to move to our New York headquarters to train as a client services specialist for the main branch.  I was back where I started where I wanted to be all along!

I am currently in New York with my kids and parents. Much of what I have accomplished right now is due to the lessons you have imparted on your Hypnotic Secret program. I was able to see clearly the things that I need to do to succeed. It got me motivated to not dream big, but to take action for me to be able to discover my potentials for success. I still listen to your audio before I go to sleep. It acts as my motivator and at the same time keeps me focused with my goals without the feelings of pressure and stress.

Thank you Harlan

My name is Mary Flarraty and I am publicly sharing my success with The Hypnotic Secret. I wrote to you to share my life story and how you helped me in making it worth living and inspiring. I am licensed nurse in one of the county hospitals here in Chicago. I am in my mid-twenties and I live alone. My parents died before I graduated from nursing school, and I am the only child. They left me the house which I live in now. I was so depressed when my parents passed away that I isolated myself from relatives and friends. I was able to land a job in a county hospital not far from where I live. It’s hard taking care of people when you’re consumed with depression. I had to drag myself everyday to work. I did not have any motivation for work that I was always reprimanded by my head nurse of the wrong procedures which I have been doing on the floor. These warnings did not make me flinch, I found them rather annoying. Negative feedbacks from co-nurses flooded my head nurse’s desk. The complaints were about me not paying attention to orders by doctors, to not providing the primary needs of my patients. These got me on probationary period. If there was anything worse than depression, that would be what I felt during that time.

Then came the event that took me back to reality. I was attending to a patient with convulsions. I did not pay attention to what was happening to my patient and failed to raise the bed rails because I was preparing an emergency medication for him. He fell from the bed and was still having convulsions. I saw the pain in my patient’s face while still having seizures on the floor. I administered his medications and the seizures stopped. I asked a colleague to help me get the patient back to bed. We took him to the x-ray laboratory to check for any broken bones. Good news, there was none. I apologized to the patient as soon as he woke up. He was kind enough to forgive me. “I know you were doing your best when you were taking care of me. Accidents just really happen.”

This was my wake-up call. Truth is I did not do my best at work. I was engrossed feeling depressed with the fact that I was alone and had nobody. I had to quit my old ways, and find a solution to my problems. I did not want to lose my job because of that infraction, so I went ahead and seek guidance from my head nurse. She asked me to try out hypnosis and so I did.

Luckily, I found your site. I listened to the audio which you have on the main page and it got me thinking of how miserable I was living my life before. I first started listening to your audio and everything in it made me smile. I did not go into hypnosis just yet. I had to understand why I need to change my life. The audio made me reflect on the things which I need to change. It took me to one realization- I need a major life overhaul.

I listen to audio number three and four daily; audio three before I start my shift, and audio four before I go to bed. The hypnosis audios make me feel focused and enthusiastic. It makes me look forward to a day’s work at the hospital. At the end of the day, it makes me feel relaxed after a full eight hours on the floor. Audio four helped me let go of the angst and depression, and made me look at the world in a different light.

My primary goal was simply to release myself from sadness and improve my performance at work. But because of the enthusiasm which I have developed since I started listening to hypnotic secret, I got off the probationary period faster. I am now a regular staff nurse and my hourly pay was increased by 30% because of commendations from our patients. I am now on my way to more challenges as I am embarking on a new path to success. I am now taking additional units for nursing management and administration, and our hospital foundation is helping me with the expenses. I have not achieved my dream of becoming a nurse administrator yet, but I know that I will because my plans are geared towards it.

Thank you again for sharing wise words through your audio. Your audio helped me realize that life has to go on despite of all the mistakes which I had done in the past. I have been listening to the hypnotic secret for six months now, and I am happy with the results which I have accomplished. I pray that other people with depression would be able to find the key to normalcy and happiness again, just like I did.

Thank you for a wonderful product.