You probably know by now that the Law of Attraction works by attracting what you are focusing on. Positive thoughts will get you positive results, and the opposite is also true.

But if you’re like most people, you have a hard time changing your thoughts, or focusing only on the positive.

It can be hard to shut out those negative thoughts when they come, and even harder to change them to positive ones.

And it can feel like a constant struggle with your own brain to stay positive in hopes that the Law of Attraction will work for you.

That’s why I created the Hypnotic Secret, and hopefully it is changing the way you think from a deep subconscious level.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today.

Today I want to discuss how your choice of words, your language, can influence the Law of Attraction.

And it has a lot to do with building your attraction muscles AND boosting your confidence, so pay close attention.

Most people use language unconsciously, meaning they don’t think too carefully about what they say or what words they choose.

So language tends to reveal a lot about your subconscious beliefs. And someone listening closely to the words you use can tell a lot about you: are you a confident person or do you have low self-esteem? Are you positive and optimistic or is everyone out to get you?

The important thing to remember is that you can also change your subconscious thinking patterns by changing how you speak.

Just by making a few small changes you can increase your confidence and build your attraction muscles.

For instance:

Get rid of the word “try.”
It’s a wimpy word that means you can’t make up your mind what you want…or you’re not sure you can do something.

When you take out the word “try” and phrase things in the positive, you are setting yourself up to succeed.

If you are just “trying” to do something, chances are you won’t actually get it done.

So instead of saying, “I’ll try to finish the laundry tomorrow” say: “I will finish the laundry tomorrow.”

Now that says confidence.

Another wimpy word is “hope.” It’s great to hope for things, but wouldn’t it be better if they actually happened?

And wouldn’t you love to use the Law of Attraction to make them happen?

So the next time you want to “hope” for something, ask yourself what actions you can take to make your hopes a reality.

Instead of just hoping to take a trip to the Bahamas, say that you are “making plans to take a trip to the Bahamas.”

And then you come up with a plan and put it into action. Focus on your goal and the Law of Attraction can make it happen.

But nothing will happen if you just sit around waiting and hoping for something to change.

Real change happens when you change your mindset, and you can change your mindset by changing the way you speak.

These are just two small ways to get your attraction muscles moving.

When you catch yourself using wimpy words, rephrase your sentence and try again. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just catch yourself and move on.

Becoming more aware of your language is the first step towards change.

And with the Hypnotic Secret, you may notice these changes happening naturally, without any conscious effort!

Pay attention as your attraction muscles begin to grow and you gain more confidence.

Enjoy how it feels to be more positive…and keep telling yourself, “I can do it!”


The Language of Confidence


    1. Norma says:

      I don’t know what this address is for. But when you have a dream in mind and time is slipping away it gets sometimes difficult to dream. I had a dream to build a house and then sell it. And with that money I could build a house that I wanted to live in. But that is not going to happen. I had to
      do reverse mortage and now my son lives in it whit 5 dogs and several cats. He also likes to fix cars But since he had to have surgery for cancer things have changed. Yes I have been dreaming for years. I have a picture of the house and the plot plan. The 2 and half acrers are still there, and so is the homestead cabin that I live in. Not much of a cabin 400 square feet. I have a dream that keeps me dreaming. At 82 that is all I can do, since I can’t make money. Now I live on my retirement income. It keeps be in debt as each years goes by. The cost of living is getting harder to keep up with, but at least I have something comming in. The mailing address is with the unit I do volunteer work with, I have been withthe American Legion Auxiliary 256 now for 9 years. And I have been very active in it. It has been a stuggle to keep it going, Since I broke my hip I have slowed down a lot. so now I am taking much easier.

    2. leorebeck gorres says:

      That’s true. I strongly agree. Now, I’ll keep those words to locked boxes and be positive. I must admit I’m among those few people who love those words, I thought that was being humble and nice, Yet, I was wrong. It was boasting my shyness and unknowingly ballooning my lose self esteem, Now, I decided to get rid of them. Start anew and believe I can.

    3. [...] The Language of Confidence [...]

    4. len cooper says:

      I have been in and out of the metaphysical waters for a great many years . Unfortunately , I have only managed to get my toes wet , with an occaisonal advance , to the ankles. I have always thought that hypnotism would be very helpful , for getting into a higher consciousness . I have avoided hypnosis in the past , because of some bad press that it was receiving . I am now in my latter days , and am as ready as I will ever be . I am hearing impaired , and so will not profit from audio technology . I am located in Phoenix , Arizona .Would you kindly advise me of how to proceed from here . Traveling is a possibility for me if it is necessary . Should you know of a reputable hypnotherapist in my area , I would be mosy grateful if you could inform me. – - – Thank you for listening – -Sincerely , len cooper – -(

    5. Harlan Kilstein says:

      One of the greatest centers of hypnosis is the Milton Erickson center in Phoenix. I’m not sure they do metaphysical hypnosis but they are the number one center for hypnosis in the world.

    6. len cooper says:

      Many thanks for your prompt and thoughtful reply.

    7. Daniel says:

      About hypnotism; well I saw Franquin, a friend of mine Graham Rostron became his disciple, I know Dr. Muthukrishnan a disciple of Ainslie Meares who pioneered cancer reduction by hypnotherapy, and I got some training cassettes in autohypnotism from Dick Sutphen. Some of the processes gave me a couple of extra powers. I learnt that to get a useful result six or seven weeks was about the minimum to establish dependable results. I had therapy from Dr. Bullock and so an experience of fairly deep hypnosis. Hypnosis does connect the mind to a state of work intent and purpose with the possibility to elicit an added state of capability or awareness and so changing and improving performance. A bit of money on hypnotism can save you hours of fighting laziness or other habits.

    8. WALTER LUBRESKI says:


    9. Harrison says:

      Thanks for your article on Law of Attraction. I should be gratefull if you would send more of such into my email box. Thanks

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The Language of Confidence

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