Go to school. Get good grades. Get a good job. Steady paycheck.

Work hard…and live happily ever after?

Sometimes. If you’re on Leave it to Beaver.

But here’s the problem with this plan.

Sure, a “steady paycheck” gives you the security of knowing that the same amount of money is coming every week and month.

But the price of having this security is…wealth. Having a steady paycheck is interfering with your ability to earn what you are truly worth.

It’s no coincidence that most of the teachers of the Law of Attraction don’t have “steady jobs.”

They know that true success lies in being your own boss, and creating your own wealth.

And they are confident enough to trade the so-called “security” of a paycheck for the opportunity to be rich.

Here’s a hard truth: people who are living from paycheck to paycheck, in jobs they don’t really enjoy, are living in fear.

They are afraid of trying and failing. They are afraid of change.

They are afraid that they won’t succeed if they step outside the comfort zone of that paycheck, so they settle for earning enough to survive or just “be comfortable.”

People who are wealthy prefer to get paid on results, not for their time. They own their own businesses. They work on commission. They have stock options and portfolios.

And they have different streams of passive income, so that they are making money even while they sleep!

None of these things have guarantees. When you leave the security of a paycheck, you never know if you will make money or lose money.

But if you believe in yourself, that doesn’t matter.

Because if you have a mindset that’s programmed for success, you will do whatever it takes to succeed.

And if you have the right mindset, your success is pretty much guaranteed.

Think about it this way: Time is limited. There are only 24 hours in a day, and you can’t work all of them. That means that you are putting a limit on your income.

On the other hand, if you make money based on your results, then there’s no upper limit to how much you can rake in.

That’s why I recommend that anyone trying to attract money gets out of the “steady paycheck” mindset.

I got paid a salary for many years as an educator.

But now, I make more in one year than I did in ALL my years in education.

Because I started making money based on my results—not my time.

I have many passive income websites that allow me to live the lifestyle I want without a “regular job.”

The best part about passive income is that anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, or a computer programmer.

You just have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone. You have to have a plan of action.

And of course, you have to have that money mindset that will propel you towards success.

I talk to a lot of people who want to start their own businesses, or to start making passive income.

These people are on the right track. They understand that punching the time clock isn’t going to get them anywhere. That attracting real money requires you to step outside the box and try something a little different.

So my message for you today is this: if you have a “regular job,” you are not getting paid what you deserve.

Your time is worth more.
A lot more. But it’s up to you to go out there and start earning the money you deserve.

No one is going to hand it to you on a silver platter. It’s going to take some hard work.

But if you are truly committed to attracting money, it’s the only way.

And I’m here to help you make it happen.

What is Your Time Worth?


    1. Dr. Kilstein,

      I’ve bought your “hypnotc series”. Before this I was putting other things into place. I studied law, constitutional, and state jurisprudence. I have no desire to be an attorney. I decided never to pay anyone usury again either. I do not charge it when I sell something on time either. No debt! My wealth has substantially grown. My biggest dream is to live like no other, so that I can live like no other. I want to give and share with my children, and would like them to learn from me that peace of mind is a great thing. Sacrificing time with family and friends for “income” is a lie we have been sold in the public arena. Wealth is much more private, and real liberty lives there. Like Ben Franklin said, (paraphrased) “those who want liberty with security deserve neither”. The American Dream is alive and well sadly some obfuscation of truth has occurred. It’s not time in these days to place blame, it’s time to leave the false sense of security we have thought we wanted, and begin creating the world we deserve, and were meant to have. I’ve spent so much time in my life increasing others wealth, now it’s time for me and mine. It’s not how much I make anymore, it’s how much I keep. Your audios have furthered my confidence, and I thank you.
      Gene Simpkins

    2. manja says:

      Dear dr.Killstein
      I really enjoy listening to your recordings, they make me feel very tranquilized and relaxed and sometimes refreshed, wonderfull. I am uncertain still about my actions plan, although I know it does involve internet marketing, affillitate programs, my own products etc.
      Thank you for your wonderful recordings,

    3. Mireya Soto says:

      Dr. Kilstein,

      I just want to say thank you, I obtained your your hypnosis program a couple of months ago. and have been listening to them every single day, I have applied the law of attraction in many ways in the past and worked. from getting the parking spot, to obtaining the exact home of my dreams. Until I allowed someone else influence me and got drifted away and lost it all. But I said to my self I can do it again. I am no longer with that person, and automatically things started to change including coming across your program. I worked in sales for many years, and real estate being the last thing I was doing it interfered a little with being a single mom of a 2 1/2 year old. I got a regular 9-5 job which became 1-9 or just 8-12 hrs. shift. and 5 days became 7 days. Missing out on my daughter was the hardest part. I was invited to an opportunity meeting selling jewelry and after listening to your program I made a commitment to myself in making a plan to start working for myself. I wrote down my short term goals and like you said begin working my attracting muscles and started offering my jewelry to family and friends, to my surprise the response was positive, I stop working 1 day, to book my shows, now the demand is growing and for some reason at my current job they reduce our hours and days to 3 days which for me was just perfect. Now one thing is leading to another, I am doing fundraiser events, job fairs, calendar events like mothers day, and a opportunity to make money, share the opportunity and grow. Now I make in 2 hours what I was making in 8-12 hours the best part, is in something that I am having fun and feel good making other women feel good. This is just the beginning of many things to come… The one thing that I started noticing after listening to your program is that I am able to set goal on a daily basis and actually make them happen without interference. Besides regaining my confidence and the life style i was leaving my main purpose is to enjoy a fulfilling life with my daughter, be the one that takes her to school and picks her upl, and of course be her role model in life..

      Thank you and many blessings to you. I will continue to share my success with you.
      Mireya Soto

    4. Charlene says:

      Everthing that u said was slightly true about me is will done

    5. Ron says:

      I agree with what you propose but one needs to earn a certain amount to keep bills paid. It is a good idea to start something on your own but I believe your better to do this venture as a second income till it can hold it’s own and keep your expenses at bay!

    6. william says:

      i purchased your HYpnosis Secret about a year ago and an amazing amount of money came into my life and went out and i have been struggling to attract money and change my mind set, without much success. Any suggestions?

    7. Jacquline Handy says:

      Hi, I am daring to dream. Rather allowing myself to entertain the thought of what can be. I did not know how active the Law of attraction was in my life, I think back to 2005, when I worked for the City of New Orleans, I began to chart a course for Dallas. I did not know how I was going to get here, just had my car repoed and was looking at schools and places I could work to support my then 10 yr old daughter. Then the storm came, we landed here and I decided to stay. There have been many days I wonder why I’m here. I spend a lot of time alone. But I am seeing now that I can put these lonely hours to work. I am not just dreaming. I am plotting my next move.
      What I just read made sense to me. making money while I’m sleeping. Working for myself… I will find a way to get the other helpful aids. But until then, I will continue to plot my course.

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What is Your Time Worth?

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