When it comes to attracting money, everything depends on what you think and believe about money. How you look at rich people, if you view wealth as a blessing or a curse, if you feel that you will change if you suddenly win the lottery.

These are all questions that indicate just why you’re in the financial state that you’re in…and if you’re trying to get out of that state, why you haven’t succeeded.

Maybe you’ve tried to do things to change your financial situation. Maybe you’ve changed jobs, tried to save more money, or cut back on your spending.

But I’m willing to bet that you aren’t seeing much of a difference.


Because your beliefs about money are engrained deep in your subconscious. No matter how hard you try to change your patterns, unless you change the underlying beliefs, you won’t get anywhere.

Imagine that you’ve just written a letter on your computer. You print it, read it over, and discover that it has a typo. So you take the White-out and erase the mistake.

You hit print again, and the letter comes out with the same typo! You just erased it, how can that be!

The real problem can’t be fixed with white-out. You’ve got to go back into the computer and fix the typo in the program.

In other words, the part of your subconscious mind that holds your beliefs about money.

You weren’t born with these beliefs. No, you learned them as you grew up. Every child is taught how to think and act in relation to money. Your beliefs come from a few different places:

-From what you heard as a kid about money. If your dad was fond of saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “We can’t afford it” or complained about those “Greedy rich folks,” then those are the messages you internalized.

They are stuck in your subconscious mind, and they come back to haunt you every time you have to deal with your finances. And what’s the message? You don’t have enough.

-Beliefs also come from what you saw as a kid. What kind of job your parents had and how they managed their own money had an influence on you, as well.

-Interactions with rich people also influenced you. Did you see them as stuck up, greedy, or spoiled? If so, then those images are stuck in your subconscious, preventing you from attracting money because you “don’t want to be like them.”

All of these factors have shaped your beliefs, but the biggest influence by far is your parents’ views on money.

So take a minute to think about the messages you got growing up. Consider the things your parents said and the way they acted about money. Even if you think something is too small or insignificant, write it down. You don’t know how even the smallest thing may have affected you. Also write down how you may be like or unlike them in these ways.

Now take a minute to think, and write down the effect that these messages have had on your life. Understand that the way you deal with money is a result of the beliefs you received from your parents.

But also understand that it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s only what you learned—and you can learn new ways and beliefs. You can choose to be different. You can choose your own way.

Let the Hypnotic Secret help you get rid of that negative programming and replace it with positive messages about money.

The more you are aware of your beliefs and where they come from, the more you are able to take action to change them.

Just remember, even though your beliefs may be preventing you from attracting money, there are things you can do to eliminate those beliefs. Simply being aware of them can make a huge difference.

So this week, take the time to examine your past and your feelings about money. Go back to your childhood and look at your parents actions, sayings, and beliefs. Think about how these things have impacted your own beliefs about money.

And realize that the power is in your hands to change it…and finally attract the money that you want.

You can do it!

Your Parents’ Beliefs and Your Money


    1. Hello!
      I’ve got just a question about that:
      My parents paid studies of my 3 brothers and I, gave us all we needed and this with the money won in the shop my dad’s had. I’ve learnt to live with the money I have, don’t spend more than I can afford.
      Is that bad?

      Thank you.

    2. Harlan Kilstein says:

      Marta, are you happy with what you have? That’s the key question. The Law of Attraction isn’t about greed. It’s about living your dreams.

    3. Mary says:

      Hi, thanks …I really like that reply…you’ve touched on the hidden danger of the popularised version of the Law of Attraction. I really like the clarity of that ” the Law of Attraction isn’t about greed.”

      Best wishes


    4. Harlan Kilstein says:

      Thanks Mary. May your angels be watching over you.

    5. chris says:

      Hi Harlan,
      I love my life. I appreciate everything and I feel so in touch with Spirit. The only problem I have is other people constantly complaining and telling me their problems. When I listen and try to help their energy brings me down and then I attract misfortunes. I don’t want to be insensitive, I want to help but how do I stay happy while being a sounding block to my friends and family?

    6. haris says:

      Hi Harlen
      Money is important but is not major target in life.Without material support you can loose Main street.
      How can live without money (not greed) and keep good spiritual hygiene.Must be some balance and
      that is golden apple.

    7. Mary-Ann says:

      Hi, I just want to give a response to Chris.
      There are 2 things that help me in a lot of ways and you can do them for yourself, without anyone noticing a difference in you.
      1. Do not allow them to take your energy, you can block that for yourself by protecting yourself. You do have control over your energy. If there is someone talking to you like that, imagine that they can receive the energy they need via you, but from the Universe, the Universe has plenty of energy and you can be a medium for that energy to those people.This works the same as when you are doing energy healing, then you are not using your own energy either, but you act as a medium for the energy from the Universe. That way, they get what they need through you and not from you..
      2. When they are telling you their stories, do not take them in, but imagine you are a mirror for them, so you can energetically reflect them back to them, that way they will still have to deal with the problems and you do not take them on yourself. They have to learn the lesson, you have your own to learn and that is hard enough.
      After someone has talked to you that way, you just energetically have to clean yourself of the negativity they left with you. You can do this by either taking a bath or shower or if that is not possible at that moment, imagine yourself standing under the shower, swimming under water or standing under a waterfall and just let the water wash all the energy away.
      Believe me you will feel a whole lot better after that and are ready to take the next person on.
      If you manage to do this, the others will not notice much difference, or it must be that you are even more willing to listen to their stories, because they do not effect you any longer.
      Good luck, I wish you lots of love and prosperity.

    8. Rosie says:

      HI Harlen,

      How do I not instill these “we don’t have the funds” concepts in my children as I am working on fixing them in myself? We are struggling with money right now due to inapporpriate management of funds. I don’t want my kids to have the same preconceptions as I did. I try to respond…I’m chosing not to spend our money on that right now…or…I don’t think that’s a wise use of our money.

      Thanks for what you do. I have been able to increase my sales by $3000+ over the last 3 months, but what I need to do now is double that and attract others like minded people to me in order to grow what I need to get some financial peace. I listen to both recordings daily. What else can I do?


    9. Andrea says:

      Hi Harlan,

      Several years I ago I got in to the hype about “The Secret.” Intuitively, I always felt there was one piece missing, esp. because nothing was “manifesting.” But I kept trying, and trying and trying!! Needless to say I wanted to forget the “Law of Attraction.” Before I read this blog, this week I had been thinking about needing more money! I thought of the rules of the Law of Attraction, and thought… duh! Obviously the Universe works with you when you are moving the energy and putting your intent to ACTION!! When you are actually acting out your intent of what you want to manifest, when you are in action you keep you’re mind “busy” and find yourself manifesting even more! For example, I was very nervous that I would be living paycheck to paycheck, but I just applied for a position which I am 100% know I am going to be offered the position. I stepped out and trusted and now will be manifesting more!! Thank you so much for sharing this with other people!

      What is your perception on why Rhonda Byrne did not include “the action” part this in the original movie/book?


    10. James says:

      Hey Harlen,

      I am impressed with your program. I have started rethinking and renovating my mind-set about money and financial success. I have even gone as far as to start retailing healthy energy products to make extra cash. And guess what, it is paying off. I am building a customer base and even looking at other products and methods to make money. However, I believe that I will have plenty money and great financial success but I have done some gambling and still do so off and on. Is this negative and how to change the thoughts of acquiring plenty through playing lotto?

      Thanks again,

    11. Harlan Kilstein says:

      James, you need to take matters in YOUR own hands.

    12. Harlan Kilstein says:

      Andrea, because taking action is the ONE THING people don’t want to do. She wanted it to be palatable.

    13. Stephen says:


      First I must say that you have hit the perverbial nail right on the head with this article. A question that I have for you is, What can I do when my wife and children maintain a habit of prmoting negativity. It seems like the constant barrage. I attempt to work with them to no avail. I don’t think that they have necessarily chosen to be negative, I simply believe it is their internalization of external experiences (the job, the TV, the images and imagined fears). What can I do to help them to understand that what they are thinking becomes thier reality?

      The world is a better place because you are in it.


    14. Amy Thompson says:

      It is what you believe you can be happy with that results in whether you can attract more or not, and in the event that you find you can be happy with what you have, but wouldn’t mind having more then you will see that there is no point of how much you can have or whether it is good or bad, the law of attraction is an infinite law of the source and will give you however much you can be grateful for in your life.

    15. Amy Thompson says:

      Stephen the problem is not with your family but what you believe about your family….you have to see their good points and be thankful for those points.

    16. Danielle says:

      MaryAnn and Chris, How interesting to hear about others feeling the same way as me. I am so glad to have some support on this topic of healing others by serving as a mirror, not a sponge, which is what I think half of these people want. But we can not absorb all of these problems. Give the advice they need, and then cleanse your own spirit afterwards.

    17. Sabine Goldman says:

      Hi Harlan,
      I have been trying everything I can think of to change the thought planted (unknowingly) by my parents. I meditate daily, do visualization exercises, read everything on the law of attraction I can get my hands on, but yet I wonder how can I change something that is planted so deeply in my subconscious. How can something that I am not aware of change?

    18. Maddie says:

      I sincerely think you missed a point. The secret clearly states that action is necessary. It says when the intuition is there, act on it because the universe loves speed. Don’t second guess. Just act. That is action.

    19. Harlan Kilstein says:

      The Secret absolutely DOES NOT state action is required.

    20. It’s so interesting how our parents’ beliefs impacted us. I’ll be trying out this exercise myself.

    21. rob says:

      I feel like having money is the source of a sinful nature, and no, my parents never told me that… in fact they talk about money 75% of the time. the reason I believe it leads to sin is because wanting money plants a seed of greed and pride, it makes you completely self reliant and only concerned about yourself. then, once you accomplish your life dreams of being rich, you want more satisfaction. but you have AP much money and that didn’t work the first time, so you blow it on substances, pornography, whatever you think would fill you up. but once your joy ride ends, youre left unsatisfied still. and then your kids see from the great example you set for them and bring immorality in whatever shape into their life, as well as those around them. but you all start to feel empty, if you haven’t already. at one point in our life or another we get so fed up with all the world has to offer, and that is where you can make the most important decision of your life – asking Jesus Christ into your life. the moment I prayed those words “dear God, fill me with your holy spirit” I felt the most amazing sensation of fulfillment and peace that I have experienced from Him every day since. the bible says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in
      everything, by prayer and petition, with
      thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
      And the peace of God, which transcends all
      understanding, will guard your hearts and
      your minds in Christ Jesus.” Phil. 4:6-7

    22. Sabine Goldman says:

      I agree just by asking and believing nothing comes, you have to step into action. It’s like wanting to win the lottery, I can ask and believe all I want, if i don’t take the action of buying the ticket I am not going to win.
      Harlan so Hypnosis can change the subconscious thought patterns instilled by our parents?

    23. Karen says:

      We must practice forgiveness and gratitude. Our parents did not intentionally set out to hinder our future prosperity. Let go of the past first thru forgiveness. When thoughts trot thru our mind we must harness them and bring them into submission of the truth (prosperity). Then meditate on gratitude. From Catherine Ponder’s book “The Millionaires of Genesis,”All that has offended me, I forgive. Within and without, I forgive. Things past, things present, things future I forgive. I forgive everything and everybody who can possibly need forgiveness…I forgive positively everyone. They are free now, and I am free, too. All things are cleared up between us now and forever.”
      Those old ideas of “want” and “need” must be buried as surely as a rotting corpse. Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” In their place let live the graditude that is so deserving all the life we can give it. And rejoice, for there is so much worth rejoicing. From the dance of sunlight on the leaves of the tree, to the sound of laughter, the aromas of food being prepared, the clothes on our back and so on into infinity. “Rejoice, for it is your Heavenly Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.”
      Peace to all,

    24. Eva Trexler says:

      Many describe the subconscious as if it were unreachable – out of our control – the subconscious is as close to the surface and reachable as you ask. Instead of following your reasoning – follow your intuition – trust

    25. How does this differ the Millionaire Test?

    26. Harlan Kilstein says:

      This is a hypnotic product. The Millionaire Test is not.

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Your Parents’ Beliefs and Your Money

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